About Baci

A kiss is at the heart of every Love Story...

Baci Perugina is a unique messenger of an unforgettable kiss with a totally Italian taste.  Much more than simple chocolate, it's perfect for saying "I Love You" the Italian Way.

Baci Perugina is a love story that has been lasting for more than 90 years.  Beginning in 1922, this is the story of a special kiss which has allowed millions of lovers to dream.  

In the heart of Perugia, Italy, a young chocolatier was inspired to create a special dark chocolate and hazelnut sweet for her beloved.  An unusual shaped chocolate was produced from a mixture of chocolate and hazelnuts that resembled a closed fist and for this reason the chocolate was originally called “cazzotto” or “punch”

But with a name like that, how could a chocolate become a symbol of love?

The taste and texture of the chocolate ravishes the senses and seduces you with its sweetness. Just like a kiss.  And to better explain her love and the emotions she felt, she slipped a secret love note into each chocolate wrapper.

The chocolate was named Baci – Italian for ‘Kisses’.


Today beneath the signature silver and blue foil, each rich, bittersweet Baci chocolate is still wrapped with a message of love, friendship or affection.  The filling of chopped hazelnut gianduja and luscious milk chocolate, completed with a perfect, whole hazelnut, is coated with Perugina's famous velvety smooth dark chocolate Luisa, named after one of the creators, Luisa Spagnoli.

Baci Perugina are much more than just chocolates: they are a unique way of expressing your feelings. The secret of these chocolates is that they express what words cannot say, they speak the universal language of love; the most universal language of love.


Described as the most romantic and indulgent of chocolates, Baci are synonymous with the art of fine Italian confectionery.