Baci Product Range

3 varieties


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Baci Original

Baci Perugina are exclusively produced in Perugia, Italy and the original recipe dating back to 1922 remains unchanged: a perfect combination of a fine coating of delicious dark chocolate and a creamy gianduja and chopped hazelnut filling, crowned with a crunchy whole hazelnut. 

Following the 90th year celebration of the Baci brand, two other variants were released, Baci Bianco White and Baci Latte Milk.

Baci Bianco White

Baci Perugina White Chocolate boasts a creamy white chocolate coating that embraces the traditional Baci Perugina filling of hazelnut gianduja crowned with a whole hazelnut. The vanilla-scented white chocolate makes for a positively alluring twist on a beloved classic. The wrapping is distinguished by blue foil with silver writing.

Baci Latte Milk

The world of Baci Perugina adds a new variant to its rich palette of flavours. Thanks to elegant packaging and to a milk chocolate outer layer, Baci Perugina Milk will enhance the sweetness of your special moments. A new tasting experience: an exquisite layer of milk chocolate reveals the traditional hazelnut filling together with the crunchiness of a whole hazelnut.

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