The Secret of a Baci Chocolate

Each part of a Baci chocolate is created to bring chocolate lovers an experience of total affection, indulgence and charm.

Created by Perugina, Italy's finest chocolatiers, each Baci is a bittersweet kiss of velvety smooth chocolate, delicately embracing a luxurious milk chocolate and chopped hazelnut gianduja centre, topped with a whole hazelnut.


The Love Notes

To add to their charm, each Baci chocolate comes wrapped in a love note, inscribed with a message of affection, love or friendship.

The secret of Baci Perugina is that they express what words cannot say. The Love Notes wrapped around the heart of Baci Perugina are a legend and make Baci Perugina unique and inimitable.

Since the Thirties, they’ve voiced feelings for people who want to express their love through the words of philosophers, classical authors, contemporary artists and proverbs. The messages on the Love Notes make the savouring moment of a Bacio Perugina even more special. 
Which words is fate bringing you today?