Artisanal Coffee Roasting

Our Coffee

Since 1936, European Foods has imported highest quality green beans from grower co-operatives in countries that span Brazil and Honduras to Hawaii, Colombia and Ethiopia to Ecuador. Our relationships with these growing regions have developed over decades. As a result, the coffee team at European Foods boasts an intimate understanding of variations in green bean quality and flavour from harvest to harvest. Through expert analysis of the flavour profiles of each varietal, our coffee team uses generations of experience in custom blending to produce exquisite, balanced blends that appeal to modern Australian and traditional Italian palates. It is no wonder that our flagship range, Silvana Finest Quality Arabica Coffee, has been awarded Two Stars by Europe's International Taste and Quality Institute. Our freshly roasted coffee reflects our inherited passion for perfection in every cup.

Our Heritage

Humble beginnings Braziliano Coffee The Re family began roasting Braziliano Coffee at European Foods Wholesalers in 1936. At this time, just two kilograms of beans were roasted on a weekly basis for sale to local, niche markets. As Western Australian coffee culture evolves, we continue to excel at the art of roasting and blending coffee. European Foods and the iconic Re Store owe our expertise in artisan blending to decades of inherited passion.

Our Beans

Silvana Blends Decades of custom blending for gourmet restaurants, cafes and boutique retail markets shape our ethos of expertise, passion and care. Every cup is an experience, and every kilogram of artisanally roasted beans is the product of rigorous tasting, testing, and consultation. Our award-winning range of Silvana blends proves this point. Artisanal roasting and blending at European Foods enables you to experience the pleasure that comes with tasting a unique, exquisite, locally developed blend for the first time, and for every cup that follows. 

Our Commitment

Espresso doppio Our commitment to excellence in coffee extends from sourcing the best green beans from across the globe, to artisanal and custom roasting options, to educating our baristas and influencing contemporary coffee culture. We have seen coffee culture evolve from instant powders in the 1950s, to outdoor cappuccino strips in the 1980s to drive-thru convenience and elite espresso bars today. Throughout these innovations our commitment to excellence, quality and passion has remained the same.

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