Braziliano Superbarista Course Collection

We offer a range of courses created by expert trainers and baristas to give you the immersive, hands-on experience you need to create perfect coffee. With a state-of-the-art and artisanal roasting facility on site, as well as a range of specialty coffees to taste during your class, you will find that our coffee heritage meets cutting-edge international standards at our world-class facility. Take a look at our suite of courses below and contact us for further information.  

Brew Bar at European Foods




Braziliano Coffee is proud to introduce Western Australia's first Introduction to Specialty Coffee course. This course will equip participants to appreciate different European inspired coffee blends, and understand coffee from bean to cup. The Braziliano SuperBarista Coffee Education Centre is home to a state of the art and artisanal coffee roastery, so students are guaranteed to taste a range of freshly roasted, premium coffee beans and blends. Participants will learn to extract the perfect espresso, and gain an understanding of how to appreciate it using all the senses.

The Braziliano SuperBarista Coffee Education Facility is one of the largest of its types, fully equipped with a range of commercial espresso machines to ensure each participant gains plenty of hands on practice with the assistance of expert trainers. Basic milk texturing techniques are also taught in this course.

Braziliano has been roasting coffee in the heart of Northbridge since 1936, and we pass on our enthusiasm for tradition and innovation in specialty coffee through this course that is ideal for beginners, coffee enthusiasts, and those who would like to break into the hospitality industry.  

DURATION: 4 hrs Min
COST: $120 Per Person
CODE: 730111



The Barista Intermediate course will enhance your perceptions of the working flows of a real café environment.and get you confident on adjusting the grinder and manual dosing.

In this class we will look at how to incorporate the new skills you have learned in the Introduction to Specialty Coffee course, setting up a work station that will allow you to work at a productive speed. We can help you to manage a high density of orders while still producing coffee of a high standard. We will teach you the importance of the grinder, how to adjust it, how to deal with various types of orders, and how to manage working with various types of milk in the one order.

The biggest strength of this class is that all who partake are given as much hands on time with the machines as possible. To complete this course, you must have already completed the Introduction to Specialty Coffee

DURATION: 3.5 hrs Min
COST: $150 Per Person
CODE: 730113



Ever wondered how to draw a rosetta or loveheart in coffee crema to give it the perfect presentation?

The Latte Art course will divulge some of the secrets of great milk texturing and will teach you how to create great patterns and pictures on coffee, using both tools and free-pour techniques. You'll be the envy of your friends or patrons in no time.

This is an advanced class; completion of coffee appreciation, coffee basics or industry experience is recommended.

DURATION: 3 hrs Min
COST: $120 Per Person
CODE: 730106



Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee presented in association with West Coast TAFE's School of Hospitality and Tourism. This course is designed for the barista who wants to push the envelope and further develop their coffee making skills and understanding of coffee.

Our professional trainers will take you through the finer points of espresso extraction, espresso tasting, milk texturing, coffee art, grinders and machine cleaning. We will also delve into everything from cultivation to roasting to ensure you have a well rounded understanding of what makes a great coffee.

This is an advanced class; completion of Coffee Appreciation or Coffee Basics, work experience, theory, and assessment is required. Experienced coffee makers maybe eligible for credits through the recognition process.

DURATION: 6 hrs Min Class Time
COST: $200 Per Person